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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit with us today.

As we realize that your time is important, we are not going to expect you to spend it reading pages and pages of sales waffle.

Instead, this page will provide you with quite a few EASILY VERIFIED bullet points, outlining why our products could be a perfect match (and additional profit center) for your organization.

After reading this material, should you be interested in receiving full access to our system, including detailed product pricing, please complete the “Contact Form” at the bottom of this page. Once you do so, one of our friendly Support Staff will contact you with all the details.

NOTE: Sorry, we do not ship internationally. USA based inquiries only please.

We are not a new kid on the block. We are not a start up, hoping to survive by selling a few products. We actually have a 22 YEAR history of successfully producing Affordable, Effective Products.

20 Year A+ Rating, including ZERO consumer complaints, with the Better Business Bureau. (Click Here to Verify).

A Consumer Product Reorder Rate that far exceeds industry averages. Supplying products that many consumers order, then reorder every month, is a lot more efficient and profitable than just making one-time sales to new clients each month.

Totally Clean Label Products. ALL encapsulated products are manufactured using Vegetable Capsules. We also ONLY use Organic Rice based flowing / filling agents for our products.
NO magnesium stearate, magnesium silicate (aka talcum or baby powder), stearic acid, silicon dioxide or any other chemicals are used manufacturing our products.

ALL products, except our Humic – Fulvic, are Manufactured in the USA, in cGMP rated facilities. The Pure Fulvic Humic Mineral Blend is manufactured in a Canadian Government cGMP licensed facility.

Our manufactures use NO ingredients sourced from China in ANY of our products. We prefer to pay extra for verified ingredients, to know we are getting exactly, what we have ordered. To put it bluntly, the Chinese definitions of “Quality Control” and “Organic”, are a joke.

The ingredients in our formulations are present in Therapeutic Quantities. The common industry practice of “Fairy Dusting” ingredients, to make useless, though legal, Structure / Function, label claims, is NOT, in our opinion, beneficial to consumers.

A Compact Product Range. Unlike many other companies in this industry, we do not have a large range of “copycat” products.
Our six products are unique and have been specifically formulated with synergistic ingredients to help consumers deal with a myriad of health / aging related challenges. 

Well established Retail Price Points for our products.  Our consumers are quite happy to order and then reorder our products at our retail prices. Our significantly discounted Bulk Pricing Policy, therefore ensures that our Practitioner / Retail clients, easily obtain a worthwhile retail resale profit margin. Retail Margins of around 100% are commonly obtained.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We protect our retail price points. While our Practitioner / Retail clients are totally free to set their own retail pricing policies in their practices, stores and on their personal or company websites, we do NOT permit the sale of our products at discounted prices on Amazon, eBay or other websites of that nature. 

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