CBD “Pain Relief” products are a hugely profitable business. INTENSIVE ESSENTIALS CBD Cream is a Unique, Multi-Purpose, pain relief product.


Fast Relief for Aching Muscles and Joints.

The CBD Intensive Essentials CBD Cream is available in both 1oz and 8 oz bottles and has an incredibly high reorder rate from VERY satisfied consumers.

Intensive Essentials CBD Cream

A 100% natural product that produces spectacular results quickly…..VERY QUICKLY.

RELIEVES Discomfort.

RELIEF for Sore Muscles and Stiffness.

POWERFUL Anti-inflammatory.


LARGE 8oz Bottle.

Our cream provides Incredibly Fast Relief for Aching Muscles and Joints. It is also a Very Effective Skin Repair and Natural Moisturizer.

Formulated with 12 Active, Organic Ingredients (and no nasty chemicals).



Suggested Retail Price 1oz Bottle: $24.00

Suggested Retail Price 8oz Bottle: $99.00

YOUR PURCHASE PRICE 1oz Bottle: $11.00

YOUR PURCHASE PRICE 8oz Bottle: $49.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: We offer further discounts of 5% to 20%, off this purchase price for larger orders. Full details are available on the “Order Products” page.