6 Pouches of 30 x 50mg CBD Patches


Transdermal Delivery of CBD is light years ahead of Oral Delivery. To obtain the same amount of orally ingested CBD, that one of our 50mg patches delivers into your bloodstream for a full 8 – 10 hours, you would need to swallow a 50mg dose of CBD Oil every 2 hours.

NOTE 1: The MSRP of this product is $99.00. As our base bulk purchase pricing is only $49.00 per unit (6 pouches), your retail markup could be in excess of 100%.

NOTE 2: We also offer further discounts, ranging from 5% – 20% off the base price for larger orders. These additional discounts are for orders of any combination of products, not just multiple orders of the same product. Full details are on the Order page.



If You are Dealing with Health Challenges that Negatively Impact Your Quality of Life, then You May be Amazed at the Difference Providing the Body with CBD on a Daily Basis Makes!