Our product is highly concentrated, environmentally friendly, and much purer than many alternative fulvic mineral products available elsewhere. Each unit (One months supply) of the product contains 35 individually packaged Daily Doses, each containing 350mg of Humic and 140mg of Fulvic Acids.

NOTE 1: The MSRP of this product is $99.00. As our base bulk purchase pricing is only $49.00 per unit (6 pouches), your retail markup could be in excess of 100%.

NOTE 2: We also offer further discounts, ranging from 5% – 20% off the base price for larger orders. These additional discounts are for orders of any combination of products, not just multiple orders of the same product. Full details are on the Order page.



Here are just some of the CLINICALLY PROVEN benefits of Fulvic – Humic Acids.


Improves Nutrient Uptake and Assimilation*
Natural Chelator and Detoxifier*
Enhances Cellular Function Through Participation in Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions*
Improves Oxygen Levels*
Protects Brain Function*
Restores Gut Flora*
Assists With Weight Loss*
Potent Antimicrobial Properties*
Immune Booster*
Clinically Shown to Stop All Viruses*
Balances Hormones*
Stimulates Energy Production*
Clinically Proven Anti-Inflammatory*
Powerful Free Radical Scavenger and Antioxidant*
Anti-Carcinogenic Properties*
Protects from Harmful Chemicals*
Builds Muscle and Burns Fat*
Alkalizes and Detoxifies Blood*
Regenerates and Hydrates Cells*