6 Stem Support PLUS


Stem Cell Nutrition is a VERY attractive, cost-effective alternative to the incredibly expensive Stem Cell Therapy treatments, most people simply cannot afford.

NOTE 1: The MSRP of this product is $79.00. As our base bulk purchase pricing is only $43.00 per unit (6 Pouches), your retail markup could be in excess of 75%.

NOTE 2: We also offer further discounts, ranging from 5% – 20% off the base price for larger orders. These additional discounts are for orders of any combination of products, not just multiple orders of the same product. Full details are on the Order page.



StemSupport PLUS is scientifically formulated using ingredients clinically proven to support the body’s natural release of adult stem cells as well as providing telomere and immune system support.

Massive amounts of validated scientific research in the last 20 years (over 6,000 studies) has conclusively proven that adult stem cells, working at optimal levels, provide the platform for increasing our cellular health.

Scientists have also proven that the more adult stem cells we have circulating in our body, the healthier and stronger we are to fight off disease and the aging process.